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Etaily is the only PH ecommerce enabler to receive Lazada’s 3-Star certification for all quarters of

as published by The Independent Investor

The recognition is Lazada’s highest standard for its platform partners and is awarded to those who’ve demonstrated excellent in-store management, operations, and fulfilment

Although a slowdown in the Philippine economy has put a dent in recent sales, there’s still no denying that eCommerce is a mammoth industry that’s here to stay. Brands looking to expand their reach and stay relevant understand it’s crucial to enter eCommerce.

Yet brands good at selling offline do not always have the expertise needed to navigate eCommerce. This is where eCommerce enablers come in. eCommerce enablers provide an end to end solution from supply chain management down to front-end, omnichannel sales and marketing. It’s estimated that eCommerce enablers in Southeast Asia alone earned upwards of $100 million, even before the COVID-19 pandemic and its resulting eCommerce boom.

One eCommerce enabler making a name for itself is etaily.

Founded in 2020, etaily provides complete end-to-end omni-channel eCommerce services that enable partner brands to transition faster into the digital economy, and help them optimize, grow, and succeed in their businesses.

Recently, etaily announced that it has earned the 3-star certification from the Lazada Partners Program for all quarters of the past year. The recognition is Lazada’s highest standard for its platform partners and is awarded to those who’ve demonstrated excellent in-store management, operations, and fulfilment.

Etaily works with a diverse set of partner brands in industries such as fast-moving consumer goods and lifestyle. Among its partner brands include Century Tuna, Lactum, Anta, Levi’s, Skechers, Landmark, and more. Etaily provides its partner brands with innovative client-facing solutions such as customized dashboards, system integrations, and offline-to-online (O2O) services in order to help them grow. Etaily’s solutions set it apart from other eCommerce enablers that only provide traditional customer-facing solutions such as content management, customer service, warehousing, and fulfilment.

Etaily’s client-facing solutions played a great role in helping it achieve its 3-star certification. Qualified 3-Star Certified Lazada Partners score above the set Lazada Partners assessment metrics which evaluates factors including ship-on-time, return rate, cancellation rate, same-day chat response rate, seller rating, availability to purchase, campaign join rate, and participation in special projects.

Etaily’s rating was earned via a Partner Certification program whereby the top eCommerce enablers are rated via a points system to qualify for their certification on a quarterly basis. ​​In order to retain their certification, individuals must meet a minimum score requirement. The number of stars they receive, ranging from zero to three, is determined by the level of points they accumulate with a higher score resulting in a higher number of stars.

Alexander Friedhoff, co-founder and CEO of etaily, said, “Earning the Lazada Partners 3-Star Certification is a major accomplishment for etaily and alludes to the hard work and dedication of the team. We are proud to be recognized as the leading eCommerce enabler in the Philippines and look forward to further supporting our brand partners in their eCommerce journeys. We are excited to see what the future holds for etaily as we continue to evolve and innovate in the eCommerce space.”

Of course, it wasn’t always smooth sailing for the eCommerce enabler. Etaily’s commitment to helping grow its partner brands was particularly challenged in the last quarter of 2022 when the mega campaigns of 11.11, 12.12, and the holiday season pushed demand for products and delivery volume.

Crucial to anticipating and preparing for the increased demand was etaily’s ability to unlock insights and develop plans through the use of data and analytics. For example, aside from sales growth, etaily carefully tracks foundational metrics such as growth in traffic, conversion, and orders. This approach enables etaily to get a bird’s-eye view of how a partner brand is performing and allows them to recalibrate growth strategy accordingly.

With its 3-star certification from Lazada, etaily adds to a growing list of accolades that include Forbes Asia 100 to Watch 2022, Retail Asia Awards Digital Initiative of the Year 2022, and Great Place to Work 2022.

In April, 2022, etaily announced that it secured US$4.3m in a seed extension round, on top of its initial $1.6m funding round held in the prior year. With this raise, Etaily plans to expand its operations in the region and develop more unique solutions for its brands. One of these solutions is an offline-to-online (O2O) cloud software that will integrate offline point-of-sales to allow instant commerce and fulfilment out of retail stores.

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