Managing Director

Raya Buensuceso


As employee no. 1, Raya has built the foundations of Kaya from the ground up. In addition to overseeing Kaya's day-to-day operations, she manages Kaya's research activities, handles key stakeholder programs (including the Kaya Angel Network) and ecosystem initiatives, and supports portfolio companies on strategic topics. She's led Kaya's pre-seed investments in companies such as Mochi, Five Beauty, Pure Culture, and TechUp.

Outside of Kaya, she is the Manila Chapter Lead of SoGal Foundation—a US-based nonprofit committed to the empowerment of female and diverse entrepreneurs and investors—where she oversees a community of 70+ Filipina entrepreneurs.

Raya graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor's degree in economics (cum laude) and minors in urban studies and political economy.


I'm a total sports junkie! I love being active — be it in the form of basketball, volleyball, tennis, cycling, hiking or any other fun, social sport :) Like any good Filipino, I love to sing and am particularly an avid fan of jazz and bossa nova. Lastly, I'm a massive foodie and explorer, and am always happy to recommend places for people to visit or eat at.