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The State of SaaS in the Philippines Report

The State of SaaS in the Philippines_v6.1 1-1.png

Software-as-a-service adoption has been on the rise in the Philippines in recent years, amplified by increased internet penetration, shifting business behaviors, and pandemic-induced digital transformation. This publication, written in collaboration with Sprout Solutions, Qualgro Partners, Kickstart Ventures, and Wavemaker Partners, aims to discuss the current SaaS landscape in the Philippines, outline key metrics to understand and optimize a SaaS business, advocate for software usage in local businesses, and examine emerging software trends in Southeast Asia.


What is SaaS

SaaScon PH

In Focus: The State of SaaS in the Philippines

What Metrics Matter in a SaaS Business

The Case for SaaS in Early Stage Startups

Philippine MSMEs and SaaS

Investing in SaaS

Looking Forward: Defining Trends in Southeast Asia

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